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Deal Submission Package 

Thank you for submitting your deal to uFund Capital. Please complete this Deal Submission Package for each deal you submit. In order for us to ensure the timely processing of your deal, please submit ALL of the following: 

*Please be sure this is completely filled out. Any blank areas will hold up your deal submission.

Detailed Repair Budget

Fully Executed Sales Contract*

*With Buyer’s name as your entity name, a valid closing date and signed by all parties.

Color Photos, including a complete Exterior of the house, all rooms inside the house, all mechanics and a complete street scene.

Home Inspection*

*For your protection, Lender requires that you obtain a comprehensive home inspection (including color photos and performed by a licensed home inspector) prior to closing. Please do not wait until the last minute. Lender must review the inspection report to be certain all mechanical and aesthetic items that enhance a quick sale of your property are addressed in your rehab budget.

Financial Update*

*If your approval is more than 3 months old, please include recent bank statements, paystubs, signed 4506-T and tax returns (if needed).


Date Submitted

Borrower Information 

Entity Name (LLC or INC)

Borrower Name

Co-Borrower Name(s)

Street Address


Alternate Phone


City, State, Zip:


Property Information 

Property Street Address

City, State, Zip

How did you find this property?

Purchase Price $

Date Contract Signed

Please provide the property’s listing/sale history over the past 3 years

Property Type

Rehab Amount $

Required Closing Date

Foundation Sq. Ft.

After Repaired Value $

Expected Rent $


Unit 1        Total # of Rooms                  # of Bedrooms                     # of Bathrooms                    Living Area Sq. Ft.


Unit 2       Total # of Rooms                  # of Bedrooms                     # of Bathrooms                    Living Area Sq. Ft.


Unit 3       Total # of Rooms                  # of Bedrooms                     # of Bathrooms                    Living Area Sq. Ft.


Unit 4       Total # of Rooms                  # of Bedrooms                     # of Bathrooms                    Living Area Sq. Ft.


*If your property has a well, you  must order an inspection report

immediately , to be delivered no later than 4 days prior to closing. 

Please check any extraordinary condition(s) that exist and provide a brief explanation of each:

Structural Damage                 Fire Damage                        Underground Oil Tank

Building Code Violations    Weather Damage                      Insect Damage

Environmental Hazards       Water Damage                         Condemned

Safety                                  Hazards Present





Property Location/Description 

Is the property located in a high-crime area?

Is the property located in a rural area of less than 10,000 residents?

Are there boarded up properties in the area?

Is the property within 1,000 feet of a commercial or industrial property ? If yes, please explain.

Is the property located on a busy street?

The neighorhood is primarily comprised of:

Is the property located in a historical district?

If yes, how close?


What percentage of properties in the neighborhood are of a similar style? i.e. colonial, ranch, contemporary, etc.

Please describe any unusual lot characteristics

i.e. oversized, newly landscaped, steep, odd shape, no frontyard or backyard

What type of parking is available on your property?

Check all that apply:



Off-Street Parking

How would you rate the school system in the area the property is located in?

What type of parking is typical throughout the rest of the neighborhood?

Will you be changing the zoning of this property ?                   If yes, please explain

Are the floors level?                       Are the floors firm?


Is the master bedroom at least 12 x 12?

What are the ceiling heights?

Home Improvements 

Do you plan on selling? If so, what are the 5 “WOW Factors” you plan on implementing to distinguish

your property from others in your market? Remember, quality kitchen and bathroom

renovations help sell houses fast!


Note: Please also complete the attached Detailed Repair Budget. 












Based on the proposed scope of work, what permits will be required?

Check all that apply:





Other          If Other, please explain

Building Contractors List

Please list all known contractors expected to do work on this property and provide a copy of their license and insurance. Please update us with any additions or changes of contractors used during the rehab project.

Company Name      Contact Person        Phone Number                      Job Responsibilities






Have you used any of these contractors before?


Is there any family relationship between you and any of your contractors? If yes, please explain



List all principals and ownership splits and profit-sharing percentages as well as any

profit-sharing agreements with third parties (i.e. contractors, realtors).


Provide lockbox combination to Lender in order to expedite the Rehab Draw Process.

Submit a copy of “Certificate of Occupancy” (COO). If none exists, provide new “COO” upon completion of rehab.

Licensed and Insured contractors should be used for all rehab work done on this property.


Exit Strategy 

When the property is completed do you plan to sell or refinance? Do you have a top-selling Realtor lined up to help sell your property?

Realtor’s Name

Realtor’s Phone #

Has a top-selling Realtor commented on your Repair Budget?


Do you have a lender/mortgage broker you plan on working with?

Broker’s Name

Broker’s Phone#


Are you pre-approved for a loan?

Has there been any change in your financial position, including the purchase and/or sale of real estate, since you were approved with Lender?

If yes, please explain


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